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An abstract is a way to quickly present your draft text in order to receive approval or recommendations from the editorial board of the journal before diving into the writing the full text. A summary must clearly and concisely present the theme of your text, its theoretical approach, its methodology, as well as its link with the call for papers. Even if you have already written the full text, please submit only the summary. Recommendations about your summary can be used to improve your text. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Reminder: to submit your abstract, you must have read the editorial policies of the journal you are interested in (open access, scientific integrity, instructions to authors, etc.) and accept the Authors' Commitment. *

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CERES journals accept different types of text in order to respect their commitment to the plurality of knowledge. Please identify the one that best suits your project. However, the editorial board and the General Management reserve the right to modify this categorization according to the content of the text that will be submitted after acceptance of the summary. Each author or author will be informed quickly if this is the case.

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